Jon Parkin - Sheffield based freelance animator

Old Man Chimes Films

I watch too many bloody films so I decided to make a few videos talking about them. If I'm not talking about films though, I'm probably pointing a camera at something.

You might even spot the Old Man himself.

Dead of Night Collection

In this series of videos I take a look at the underground horror DVD release company The Dead of Night Collection to see just how bad some of their films are. If you are also interested in horror, exploitation, giallo, low budget crap and stuff no-one cares about, this is the review show for you.

Long Run-Time

In Long Run Time, I watch long films, kinda obvious. I try to watch them in one sitting and give my impressions, as well as chatting about how I feel after sitting through something so long, and whether it earns the length. Too much time to kill kid.