Jon Parkin - Sheffield based freelance animator

Old man in mask and suit standing in front of a brick wall

Old Man Chimes

The reclusive head of, and "face" of, the company. Rarely seen outside, he is usually hunched over in a dark room contemplating surreal concepts.

He somehow manages to craft short animated films despite his obnoxiously shaped head.

Man with long hair in white mask sat at desk

The Editor

A proper northern bloke, he blagged his way into the company despite having never seen a video in his life.

He rarely understands the films he edits but hey, it pays.

Man with glasses and turtleneck looking into the distance

Jonathan Parkin the Intern

Jonathan Parkin is an animator from Sheffield, England and works under the moniker of Old Man Chimes. He creates most of his animated works in ToonBoom Harmony and Adobe After Effects.

Not afraid to shy away from the strange and dark, his work consists of many surreal and absurdist short animated narratives and experiments.

Influenced by the industrial city he grew up in and the works of directors such as Jan Svankmajer and David Lynch he creates original stories and bizarre experiences through his animations and films.

The grunt of the office, helping out with the animation and talking to clients. Much more sociable than the other two and probably the one you'll be making contact with.

Makes a mean coffee.