Jon Parkin - Sheffield based freelance animator

Old Man Chimes Animations

Primarily an animator, focussing on strange and absurd narrative driven 2D animations, using Toon Boom Harmony and AfterEffects.

Here you will find collections of weird and wonderfully crazy short animated films full of strange humour and Northern accents. Unusual videos, for unusual people.

Scroll down a bit and you shall see. It's not far.

Featured Video

Bleak Times

After years in the making, finally available to watch online - Bleak Times.

Set to a backdrop of desolate snowy mountains, a young boy and his brother stumble into a surreal and twisted journey. Trying to escape their surroundings, they are pursued by mysterious figures and have to confront themes of isolation, death and identity.

Produced by the guys at LTBL Productions.

Hope you enjoy it, tell a friend and all that.

2D Animated shorts 2020

Have a gander at some of my most recent 2D animations, primarily made in Toon Boom and After Effects. Weird and surreal and extremely silly, sorry in advance for Hummus.

2D Animated shorts 2019

Take a look at some of my 2D shorts from 2019, primarily made in Toon Boom Harmony. All compiled into a lovely playlist, just for you, aren't you lucky?

2D Animated shorts 2018

Here are a few of my older animations for you, including an After Effects test satire on instructional videos. Enjoy, and don't forget to give me your hairs...

2D Animated shorts 2017

Some more older animations, including a winning short for Celluloid Scream's bumper competition 2017, and a story about a man who really wants some raisins.

2D Animated shorts 2014-2016

Here's some from 2014-2016, including: a short piece using rotoscoping and an egg, a strange trip to a Manchester park, and a woman on stage.

Early 2D Animations 2010-2013

If you want to check out what my early stuff looks like, here is a playlist with a few of my animations from way back when. Grandad, Leggy Arnold's there for you.

Music Video examples

Here are some of my music videos, most of them are from the SYFN's 2Weeks2MakeIt competition, where you are matched up with a band who want a music video for one of their songs and you have, ahem, two weeks to make it. Tricky one for an animator that. Hope you like the finished results.

Collaborations / Client work

Here's a sample of work I've done for or with other people.

Stop Motion Animations

Here's a playlist of some of my stop motion and pixilation projects, something I love doing, but you know how it goes...